The Sacred Journey to France ~ Beyond Amazing!

WOW!!! Beyond my wildest dreams. Never would I have imagined what I experienced about myself on this sacred journey in southern France with Raquel and all the beautiful ladies and gent I traveled and worked with. I will never look at southern France or any other place on this planet the same way again. It is clear Raquel is a true Master of Light who selflessly guides each one on their sacred journey to self mastery. ~ Kristina M., DE

It feels as if it has been light years since our return from France.  Although my feet have just barely touched the ground, like many of you perhaps,  I thought I would stop and give you a quick highlight of this amazing sacred journey.

This journey was beyond our expectations, not that we actually had any!  From the top of the Magdalene Cave outside of St. Maximum doing ceremony on the Summer Solstice at exactly 12:28 pm, to the Seat of Isis in Renne Le Bain receiving personal downloads and activations, to the top of Monsegur opening portals and ALL the places in between, we were guided by Spirit every single step of the way.  Each location was magical and powerful in its own right.  The work we did was both personal and planetary and was felt deeply by all those on the tour ~ along with many who showed up “knowing” that sacred work was being performed that day.

It was an honor and a privilege to work with these extraordinary beings of Light in service to Spirit.  I am already looking forward and preparing for our next Sacred Journey to Bimini.   Come join us!

For more personal photos of this journey, visit the Infusions of Light Facebook page.

The Magdalene CaveMarseille


My Higher Self has orchestrated many events to allow for a broad understanding of the human experience. These experiences of personal struggles, triumphs, illnesses and separation have been essential to prepare me for this work. This training developed a level of compassion and understanding necessary for me to be an effective ascension teacher, spiritual healer and energetic channel.


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