Cellular Codes of Regeneration Through the Portal of Luxor

We all knew that 2012 would bring with it new and exciting changes in our awareness.  Science and technology is moving at lightening speed and our ability to comprehend and integrate these changes are expanding exponentially.  The changes within the human energy and cellular systems are evolving to keep up with the Light technology that is now available to shift our awareness and consciousness.

This transmission brought through deep cellular regeneration codes which were infused and encoded into the body.  These codes were placed into safe keeping within the vortex and portal that is Luxor.  This knowledge has been waiting to come forth until the human form and consciousness were able to integrate the wisdom and Light.

In previous ‘Golden Ages’, we were able to live hundreds of years in one body.  This power of cellular regeneration is part of the original beautiful design of the human form.  Our DNA/RNA originally held the codes to rejuvenate the body, hold Light within the cellular structure and remain young a vivacious with ease and grace.  You may have already begun to notice those individuals who are holding significantly more Light in their bodies actually looking years younger than you would expect.  This is because Light regenerates the cells.

The codes that were activated and infused during this transmission are instructions for the DNA to regenerate and rejuvenate as was originally designed.  We have been in a state of atrophy.  As we move into the new frequencies of Light which support our shift in awareness, these codes have come to begin the activation to return our bodies to a higher state of perfection.  When we talk about a Light Body… it is not an etheric body, but a physical one we are activating.  What a journey we are on back to our original state of perfection.  This is the process of Ascension.  Enjoy the experience.

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