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Enlightenment is both a Spiritual and Physical process. It is a merging or fusing of your Body (cells) and Spirit (Light) to bring about a change in your perceptions (mind) to facilitate a Shift In Consciousness. This merging brings a new awareness or perception of your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine. When your body holds more “Light As Information” your soul begins to remember the truth of who you are.

I specialize in infusing your body with Light.

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Below are links to my latest articles. These are filled with information and activations. I hope you enjoy exploring my website. There is much to offer both on an intellectual and energetic level. Allow the energy that is infused into each word, image and sound recording speak directly to your soul. Allow the energy to assist you with remembering the truth of who you are. A Multi-Dimensional Being of Light!

Jan 2016 – Do You Feel Like Your Energy Gets Zapped?

Do you feel like your energy gets zapped?   Do you ever feel wiped out after being in a crowd of people?  Or walk into a room and feel like you could sense the negativity in the air and instantly